Monday, February 6, 2012

Texas Revolution Timeline Project

Texas Revolution Timeline Rubric

Your timeline should include the following events from the Texas Revolution:

● Battle of the Alamo (fall of the Alamo)
● Texas Declaration of Independence
● Battle of San Jacinto
● Battle of Gonzales
● Runaway Scrape (start date)
● Goliad Massacre
● Fannin’s Surrender at Coleto Creek
● Santa Anna Signs the Treaties of Velasco
● Santa Anna Burns Harrisburg
● Vince’s Bayou Bridge is Destroyed

Timeline includes all of the above events. (30 pts.)

Events are in the correct order. (10 pts.)

Each event includes an image that relates directly to the event. (10 pts.)

Each event includes the exact date (day, month and year) (10 pts.)

Each event includes a 3-5 sentence description (who, what, where, when, why) (20 pts.)

Title your timeline The Texas Revolution (10 pts.)

Each event has a title (10 pts.)

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