Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Law of April 6, 1830 Poster Project

Using the information presented in class over the Law of April 6, 1830 students need to work together in groups to create a poster that represents each article of the new laws.

Articles of the Decree of April 1830
Article 3. The government is authorized to name one or more commissioners who shall
visit the colonies of the frontier states and contract with the legislatures of said states for
the purchase, in behalf of the Federal government, of lands deemed suitable for the
establishment of colonies of Mexicans and other nationalities; and the said
commissioners shall make, with the existing colonies, whatever arrangements seem
expedient for the security of the republic.
Article 4. The chief executive is authorized to take such lands as are deemed suitable for
fortification or arsenals and for the new Colonies, indemnifying the States for same, in
proportion to their assessment due the Federal government.
Article 6. The convict soldiers shall he employed in constructing the fortifications,
public works and roads which the commissioners may deem necessary, and when the
time of their imprisonment is terminated, if they should desire to remain as colonists, they
shall be given lands and agricultural implements, and their provisions shall be continued
through the first year of their colonization.
Article 7. Mexican families who voluntarily express a desire to become colonists will be
furnished transportation, maintained for one year, and assigned the best of agricultural
Article 9. The introduction of foreigners across the northern frontier is prohibited under
any pretext whatsoever, unless the said foreigners are provided with a passport issued by
the agent of the republic at the point whence the said foreigners set out.
Article 10. No change shall be made with respect to the slaves now in the states, but the
Federal government and the government of each state shall most strictly enforce the
colonization laws, and prevent the further introduction of slaves.
Article 11. In accordance with the right reserved by the general congress in the seventh
article of the law of, August 18, 1824, it is prohibited that emigrants, from nations
bordering on this republic shall settle in the states or territory adjacent to their own
nation. Consequently, all contracts not already completed and not in harmony with this
law are suspended.
Article 12. Coastwise trade shall be free to all foreigners for the term of four years, with
the object of turning colonial trade to ports of Matamoras, Tampico and Vera Cruz.
Article 14. The government is authorized to expend five hundred thousand dollars
(pesos) in the construction of fortifications and settlements on the frontier; …
Article 18. The government shall regulate the establishment of the new colonies, and
shall present to congress, within a year, a record of the emigrants and immigrants
established under the law, with an estimate of the increase of population on the frontier.

Translation of each law:

Article 3: The government may choose the new empresarios for Texas
Article 4: The governor is allowed to take lands for forts in Texas
Article 6: Convict soldiers will build the new forts. They can stay in Texas later if they
Article 7: Mexicans who want to move to Texas will be provided transportation and the
best land.
Article 9: No Americans can come to Texas unless they have a passport issued by a new
Article 10: No more slaves will be allowed in Texas.
Article 11: Americans cannot live next to the United States. If they already are, they
must move.
Article 12: No more trade with the United States.
Article 14: 500,000 pesos will be used to build the new forts
Article 18: The government will keep close tabs on people moving to Texas.