Sunday, September 18, 2011

Regions of Texas - Travel Guide
Project Guidelines:
Essential Question - Based on its natural vegetation and landforms, in which region of Texas would you like to visit and why?
Problem - Tourism is a huge money-making industry. You are to convince travellers coming to Texas to vacation in your assigned region.
Project - Create a travel poster using Glogster to convince travellers to visit your region of Texas using persuasive techniques.
Your Glog must contain the following:
1.     At least 4 images from your region including landforms, landmarks and vegetation.
2.     persuasive text describing the region and giving convincing reasons to choose your region for their travel destination.
3.     It should include the name of the region you are promoting.
4.     Text should be written in your own words - no copying and pasting.

Project Due Date: Thursday September 22,2011

Instructions for Glogster use:
1.              Address:
2.              Log in:
Nickname: SOMSTexas

3. Glog name: example: Period 1/2: Susie, Bobby, Johnny.

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